Introduction of the program- The Origins   

China Medical University was established in 1958. With the discipline of compassion, prudence, diligence and integrity, the five key study fields of Medicine and Sanitation, Health Care, Life Sciences, Biological Science, and Technology and Biomedical Engineering, are the main development directions on campus. By integrating Chinese medicine with Western medicine, China Medical University promotes the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and keeps the precious traditional Chinese medicine alive.

China Medical University is the longest established Chinese Medicine Research University in Taiwan. The program cooperates with the College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Chinese Medicine as the program’s foundation and combines Chinese medicine with Veterinary medicine. Furthermore, this is the first masters program of Veterinary medicine (Traditional Chinese) in Taiwan. The integration of Chinese medicine with veterinary medicine helps to expand the practice of veterinary medicine. This provides an opportunity for veterinarians to obtain the knowledge of Chinese medicine.